Tou + Gau // A Maplewood, Minnesota Wedding

June 6th was a bright, blissful day full of cuddles and kisses between the bride and groom. I was lucky enough to meet Tou and Gau about 2 months before their wedding as their friends referred them to me after booking. 

From the moment I met this charming couple I knew there was a strong, devoted connection between the two of them. Tou's soft spoken sense of humor and Gau's animated personality created a quirky vibe about them that I quite liked.

I have never seen a bride light up the way Gau did the moment she saw Tou on their wedding day. I could see the anticipation growing as she made her way towards him for the first look, but after witnessing their reactions I knew the rest of the day was going to be a piece of cake :)  

Tou surprised Gau with a cross necklace before we started the photos. Okay, how sweet is that!? 

Since the boys all fish together often, they thought it be best to add their poles into the photo equation. Completely loved their idea! 

After the ceremony I snuck off with the two of them for a few more couple photos -- more time with the bride and groom on their wedding day equals one HAPPY photographer! 

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