Our Andover House Project // Basement Office

Things have been pretty quiet around the blog here, but we have been busy bee's working on getting things all ready for when Baby K decides to arrive. We originally designed the bedroom adjacent to ours as the Office since we had no kids at the time, but I designed it in a way where it would be easy to transform it into a Nursery someday. After finding out we were pregnant back in April 2017, I knew that we'd have to start getting things ready downstairs to make room for this little person. 

So without further a-do, here's the only 2 images I got of the basement "office" when we first bought the house. These were taken literally on the day we signed the papers. We were so eager to get in and start ripping things out, we left the closing office, headed straight to the house, and tore all of the carpet out of the entire place in a few hours. 

Basement Office_0001.jpg

The previous owners had apparently housed 8-10 beagles (so we've heard) and there is mention of a goat or two being in the basement... so you can imagine how terrible the entire structure smelled. Carpet = GONE! 

For the next few months we used it as a storage room, and then as we finished more and more upstairs we ran out of room for our tools, so this became our "tool room" until 2 months ago. 

Basement Office_0002.jpg

Not much to look at, but I had some ideas. This room is actually one of the bigger rooms in the house so we decided to make it our Office, and our in home "Gym". I knew we would have enough room for the treadmill and the elliptical. So we cleared it out and got to work. 

I knew I needed to build some sort of cabinet around the hideous electrical box, so during planning mode I drew out two cabinets on the south wall (the electrical box wall), one housing the electrical box and the other on the opposite end of the foundation shelf. It looked alright on paper so we went with it. Darin built the soffit above the shelf, framed in my cabinets and worked his sheetrock magic.

Basement Office_0004.jpg

In the meantime I worked on my doors and after the framing was set I put the faceboards on (as I like to call them, I have no idea what they are really called...) and wood puttied everything. 

Basement Office_0005.jpg

Then Darin hit a busy streak with work so on my off/half days I dilly dallied on my doors and primed the whole room in preparation to spray the ceiling. Yes, with a fan blowing out the window of course!

Basement Office_0007.jpg

We sprayed the knockdown, finished up minor patches on the walls, Darin installed the new window then primed & painted the ceiling. I trimmed out the window and door, mixed random paint to find the right color for the walls and took bathroom breaks about every hour #pregnantlife. We used leftover crown moulding underneath the new foundation shelving we installed and I love the way it turned out (we painted over the old paneling if you couldn't tell!). After painting we installed our baseboard trim minus the bottom parting stop that goes over the floor, and thennnn, you guessed it - flooring!

Basement Office_0008.jpg

A "few" finishing touches plus my handy camera skills...

and here is our newly finished Basement Office! 

Basement Office_0010.jpg
Basement Office_0009.jpg

As of right now it sits a little messy with all of our Office things thrown in it as we make room for baby upstairs. But it has been surreal walking into a finished room in the basement every day. We've been used to slipping on sandals to do the laundry downstairs for the past 2 years - it's starting to sink in that we may actually finish this house someday! ;) 

As always, thank you so much for reading. We are so humbled that we've been able to remodel our home slowly over time. It has taught us so many valuable lessons in our marriage and we've both grown a huge amount in our skills, talents, and just as a couple. We're excited to become a family, and I know I can't wait to show our little guy what all of the tools are and what they do. He's definitely become accustomed to the sounds of power tools in the womb! 


Blessings & A Happy Thanksgiving To You All,