Our Oliver August, The Birth Story // Coon Rapids, Minnesota

It was 1:23am on Friday, January 12th that I woke up with contraction pains I could no longer sleep through. I started timing them on my own; setting my stopwatch, falling asleep and then waking up when the next one would hit. It wasn't until about 3:20am that I woke Darin up. After a quick phone call to the nurse triage station, scurrying around the house collecting our things, and getting the car warmed up, we headed out into the cold winter morning. 

What transpired during the hours that day was one of the most difficult, overwhelming, and most beautiful things I have ever experienced in my lifetime. After sitting in the intake room for 4 hours, we were finally admitted and transferred into our labor and delivery room. As my contractions began to increase in pain, Doctor Gourneau came in and did his check on me. I was trying to keep myself calm and keep my spirits up, cracking jokes and smiling. I asked when I could get my epidural and he told me that I needed to be sweating, not smiling, and laboring through my contractions pretty heavily. I made sure the next time he walked through the door I was doing just that. 

Labor was intense, long (for me anyway), and tiring. I was so tired I fell asleep snoring between my contractions. But when Oliver was placed on my chest, I began running on pure adrenaline and love. 


Darin and I have a whole different view on "Birthday's" now


An enormous thank you to my Mom, my Sister Amanda, and most importantly to my partner, Darin. You three were the most powerful support team. When I wanted to quit you pushed me to keep going, and when my anxiety was rising all of you calmed me down. Foot massages, cold rags, words of encouragement, and soft touches letting me know you were still there. I feel like the luckiest girl having such a close connection with my family. If you hadn't been there, I still would have made it through, but having you three by my side made the world of difference - thank you

All images taken by my sister, Amanda Millsap. Edited by Me.