New Logo + Icon // Minnesota Photographer

Good morning everyone, and a happy Monday to you! This post is brought to you by Sweetie Pie coffee (currently drinking) from my favorite store and the talented Lindsey Stirling (currently listening) -- I just can't get enough of her dubstep violin. 

Anyone else catch the beautiful moon last night? I loved waking up to all of the moon photos! We live in one incredible universe. Dare I say . . . moments like last night are the ones that really make me want to have a family. Being able to share something super rare would have been even more awesome with some rugrats running around. This may be the baby fever talking, but I am looking forward to our future a lot lately.


I hate to be neglectful of my blog, (( Fall Season for Photographers is much like Tax Season )) so I wanted to share one recent update to my business. A few of you may have noticed -- I have a new logo! Miss Shasta Bell of Shasta Bell Calligraphy + Design made it specifically from my ideas and drew them up with her impeccable artsy handwriting and calligraphy. Here is the logo, and the icon! 

Ahhhhh, aren't they pretty!? I am smitten with them. The colors, the laurels, the calligraphy -- on point! Shasta did a great job. 


Until we meet again!



Amber :)