February Snow // Andover, Minnesota

The snow is driving everyone a little crazy. I personally don’t mind the snow as much as I mind the terrible drivers out there. Luckily Oliver doesn’t drive OR remember what it’s like outside in the summer-time, so hanging out inside everyday all day has been just fine… for him. Buuut even though it’s soo boring, I think I need to cherish this winter because the ones after this will most likely be much harder.

So, cheers to your February 2019!

You only get ONE, so make it one to remember. ❄️

2018 Family Trip // Miltona, Minnesota

Throughout the years it has been semi-difficult to get my entire immediate family together all at once. It’s not really surprising though, there are 11 adults, 5 kids and 2 babies. A LOT of people to corral, schedules to work around, things to miss . . . but this past September we miraculously made it happen.

I am missing everything about this trip; the napping, mealtimes together, watching the kids fish, late night conversations, and just being together. Our next trip can’t come soon enough!