First Family Trip // Ely, Minnesota

Our first family trip is in the books! We loaded what felt like most of Oliver's room into our minivan and took the 4 hour trek up to camp VanVac in Ely. Yeah . . . I haven't publicly declared it, buuut we have owned a minivan for 6 months now. And guys, it's AMAZING.

Anyway, Darin and I learned that vacation with a plus one is a little more work than normal but still well worth it. Oliver is a pretty content little dude as long as you keep his belly full and give him interesting things to look at. He really enjoyed his first dip in a lake with Grammy, lots of Uncle time, and being in his johnny-jump-up (which is worth it's weight in GOLD). Mama here loved her quiet time reading, taking naps, having breakfast with everyone, and the best was playing the most ridiculous adult late night board game that resulted in hearing my father-in-law laugh the hardest I have ever heard him laugh. If you're into board games and don't mind a little bit of raunchy mixed in with your laughter, check this one out.

I didn't document every single moment, but here's a few of my favorites . . . 

I hope you are able to escape this summer to relax a little! 


Blessings to you and yours,