Our Andover House Project // The Guest Bedroom Pt. 2

We finished it!

Annnnd sorry to those of you who were bummed out by my last post not being the whole story start to finish. I was surprised how many of you reached out and told me it was a total buzz-kill getting to the bottom and not seeing the finished product. (Oopsie daisies) I am happy to have the honest feedback though, keeps me on my toes! . . . . . . ( gets out mental feedback notebook )

- Add "part 1" or "in progress" to future posts. 
Check. Okay, got it. 


Now that that's settled, I am excited to report that it is FINISHED!!! Progress photos and one short video below!

3, 2, 1, SCROLLLLL! 

Galvanized Shutter! Here we come! 


Here it is, in all of it's empty glory.

When we got the shutter up I couldn't help but think that it looked like a little shop or something. Now that I've been down there a few times I'm getting more and more used to it and like it! 

In other news, I'll share a little "real life" with you all and show you the current state of our sad and overly crowded Office at the moment. Oliver and I are SO READY to begin organizing everything. What you can't really see is the 1/4" layer of sheetrock dust covering just about every surface. Yay... time to get busy! 

Lukes Room_0010.jpg

In between editing, sessions, yardwork, laundry, outdoor projects, family stuff, and Mom stuff . . . . this is where I'll be. Organizing and FINALLY being able to make these rooms actually look pretty. Ahhhh, I cannot wait to get my dust on! 

As always, thank you so much for visiting. 

May happiness find you in your day, today.