The Kvamme Family // Princeton, Minnesota

Mom, Dad and brother Eli are expecting their second baby (any day now) so they wanted to do a little documenting of their lives before the big change. I was so happy to come and spend some time watching how their little family interacts with each other. In the Kvamme household life is happy and full of so much wonder. Simplicity, patience and a radiating Faith runs throughout the walls that surround them. I know their second babe on the way is going to be raised on pure love by these three. 

Annual Christmas Cookie Gathering // Cambridge, Minnesota

I have spontaneously decided that I'll be doing personal posts from now on. I have been taking my camera to certain occasions and have found that I have nowhere to tastefully show my images other than transporting them to my family . . . annnd then that's the end of them.

What good is a picture if no one gets to see it!? 

Last night, the fabulous women in my family got together for our annual Christmas Cookie bake-off. 2016 was a little crazy as we did around 14 recipes at the same time with 5 women, one stove, one sink, one set of pots and pans . . . you can imagine. This year we didn't do much better in the planning department but, I'm putting a note in my calendar for 2018 to remember extra tupperware bins; something we ALL forgot! Sorry Mom, all of your tupperware is being used to house all of our cookie creations from last night. We were also joined with almost all of the nieces and nephews (minus one) and decided upon departure (around 8:30pm - WAY past bedtime) that next year we would have the kids come to decorate for about an hour, and then have kid-less adult girl time (you heard it, Dad's!). Not that we don't love the little ones with all our hearts, but it would be much less chaotic and I think all of us would have actually gotten to all of our recipes! 


The atmosphere in my Mom's house is always special; thoughtful conversation, the sound of little feet running upstairs, plenty of coffee, lots of laughing, the occasional debate, questions answered with meaningful advice, and of course the typical Minnesotan goodbye. If you don't know my family, we're real good at it. *Said in perfect Minnesoootan*


Anyways, here's a handful from last night -- Enjoy! 


Thank you so much for visiting! I am excited to begin sharing more sneak peeks into our personal life - especially with our little one almost here. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and I've been blessed enough to be feeling pretty darn wonderful.


Until next time! 



Blessings to you and your family,