Our Andover House Project // The Guest Bedroom

We've always called it "Luke's Room" because our good friend Luke lived with us for a few months back in 2016 buuut, the future guest bedroom is underway and already nearing it's finish. I thought after Oliver arrived most construction would stop for a few months. Well, my assumptions failed me (luckily) and Darin has been just as busy with updates now than he was beforehand. 

We've been itching to get outside and finish the deck, start working on the detached garage, build the front deck, put up a fence in the backyard... the list goes on, and we're EXCITED! But we aren't big on leaving things halfway done and starting another project. Soo GUEST BEDROOM! 

The previous owners were really into their bright color palette! RED. EVERYWHERE. And might I say, they weren't the best of painters. In almost every room there was roller marks that had hit the ceiling and in the guest bedroom they even smudged red into the totally trendy cedar shakes... eesh. Not our cup of tea.

Here's the bedroom before it evolved into "Luke's Room" 

Patched and painted over that red, and Luke moved in! Unfortunately I never snagged a shot of his bachelor pad all set up (I know, I know), but he kept things pretty tidy for a 30 year old. Not to mention he loved spending hot summer days chopping up logs free of charge. No complaints here! Except maybe that the back of the house was so unsightly.

Guest Bedroom_0004.jpg

Yeah, seriously. Most awesome roommate goes to that guy. Anyway, below is how it looked for about a year; a storage room and crash-pad for friends who stayed a little too late. 


Then we decided to get busy. What better day than January 7th, 2018 to start demolition!?


>>>    Eh-hem, my due date was the 7th    <<<


Darin has become quite the pro at replacing windows too, even in January.

Tore down the ceiling, and day by day he started making progress. 

And here it sits currently.

There are only a few more coats of white to go on the paneling and trim, I need to pick out a light, we have to install my corrugated metal (EEEEEE, can you guess where!?) annd then of course paint it pretty, lay the floor and FINALLY make it a bedroom with decor complete with a closet. YAY.

Hopefully we'll be finishing up within the next month or so depending on work schedules and time.

Thanks for checking things out! Stay tuned for more posts, I've got some beautiful sessions coming up that I know will be more than blog worthy. 



Our Andover House Project // The Makeshift Kitchen

Well hello and a happy and warm Thursday to YOU! 

37 degrees is the high today. I am in heaven.


Remember how I said we've been taking things easy and enjoying our bedroom? The enjoying our bedroom part is true, but two weeks ago Darin and I decided to open the walkway between our living room and kitchen just to see what we had to work with, which resulted in us breaking ground on our massive Kitchen project. Let me back up by giving you an idea of what our kitchen has looked like for the past 6 months: 

This my friends, is what it looks like to live in a house that you are working on. The images above were taken over the course of a few months, like the top left -- that was the day we moved in. The dehumidifier didn't stay in the sink for more than a day. And the bottom right, that would be my desk, the one I worked at all summer long on weddings. It was a huge adjustment going from a finished house to this, but we had a vision and were totally up for living uncomfortably for what we want. 

Anyways, here is what the kitchen looks like now: 

We ripped out EVERYTHING.

Including the entire subfloor -- if we didn't take that out, we would have spent an entire day pulling staples. Yeah NO. 


It looks so much easier when just showing image progress. Believe me, it was a LOT of cleaning up, hauling stuff out to our burn pile in -25 degree weather, ripping up nails, flooring, you name it. But, we did it!

You might be wondering ... how do you live without a kitchen? 

Makeshift kitchen to the rescue!! We curated our own cooking and eating space to hold us over while the kitchen is being put back together. The bedroom below is where we were sleeping before we finished our bedroom, aren't you in love with the paint color the previous owners chose? Jeesh, they did a terrible job painting! They really loved their purple too. Anyways, we moved everything kitchen related into this bedroom, along with the wall cabinets we tore down, our fridge (which didn't fit through the doorway so we had to remove the doors to get it inside), table and all of our other misc. things. 

All of our office items conveniently fit inside the closet too, so that was really nice. When needed, we use the table as a desk, or sit in bed on our laptops. This is how we are living right now! 

It's not bothering us as much as I thought it would. We use the crockpot, microwave and a griddle for making meals, and we are keeping our dish washing to it's minimum using all plastic and paper plates and utensils. When I do wash the dishes it's in the bathroom sink and sometimes tub -- not super fun, but it works for now. 


As if that's not exciting enough, a week ago Darin and I ventured out to look at appliances, cabinets and countertops. To our surprise we ended up finding EVERYTHING on our list! Our go-to for appliances is and always will be A1 Appliance -- they are AMAZING. We bought our fridge, microwave, stove and cooktop from them with a 1 year warranty on all of it (10% off or free delivery if you tell them you love Jesus!). Then came the dreaded search for cabinets and a countertop ... it ended up being way more fun and less expensive than we thought. We designed and purchased those from Home Depot. Last but not least we picked up flooring for the rest of the upper floor at Lowes. It was an expensive day, but we saved much more than we thought we would. 


That's all I have to share today, but stay tuned for more updates and photo progress :-) I appreciate all of you readers out there!