Ezra Allan, The Birth Story // Milaca, Minnesota

Wednesday April 25th, 3:45am. WIDE awake in bed. I rolled over to go back to sleep and half the room was dimly lit. My phone was illuminated. I knew right away, Ashley was in labor. I picked up and heard my mom whisper on the other end "we're having a baby, wake up, I'll see you soon". After throwing on the nearest outfit and queuing Darin in on where I was going, I ran out of the house into the early morning air and headed for the birth center. 

After cutting 7 minutes off my drive, I had just caught up to my Mom and Dave as we pulled into A New Story Birth Center. Ashley and Elliott's van was parked up front with the trunk left open. I tailed my Mom opening the front door, jumping up a few steps in the quiet house and zipping around the corner into the delivery room.

There lying on Ashley's chest, was perfect little Ezra, 2 minutes new. 

I am so proud to call Ashley my sister-in-law. She is such a strong woman, a patient mother, and an incredibly loving human being. Her gentle touches, soft eyes and warm presence filled the room that morning. It's not hard to see how much she loves being a Mom.

Congratulations Ashley, Elliott and Elijah,

you are now a family of four! 

A huge shoutout to Ashley's midwives Deb and Robin. They handled everything with such ease and let me roam about the room with my camera at all times. If you're looking into delivering at a birth center, be sure to check their place out! They totally rocked.