Our Andover House Project // Upstairs Office, and now Nursery

I recently posted images of our Nursery on my Facebook page, and decided to back track and share our journey on redoing that specific room. 

This room holds an interesting spot in mine and Darin's memories. When we bought the house this was the room we moved our mattress into and slept in for a few LONG months (wish I could find a picture!). After it being a bedroom, we converted it into our kitchen whilst working on the kitchen, dining room, and living room:


A little cramped, but it worked - the crock pot saved our lives! 


Then after that it was time to finally break open plans for it's desired purpose: The Office. In planning mode I'd hoped that someday it would be a child's room, or some type of bedroom so I wanted the closet to be transformable from office stuff to bedroom stuff. So here we go, starting off Darin replaced the window and we began ripping the trim out: 

Onto prep work to spray knockdown on the ceiling and PATCHING! I swear this room had the most nicks and nail holes in the wall I'd ever seen. We must have patched over the walls 3 to 4 times. After that, the beautiful primer to cover up the hideous purple paint.

Paint planning came after, and we started on the shiplap wall. After doing some research we chose MDF board for the planks. They were thin and seemed easy enough to work with after I built a few cabinet doors in the kitchen with them. We finish nailed them up using nickels to space them out. Picked out my lights, primed and painted!

(FYI: the MDF did an alright job, but I wouldn't use it in the future for shiplap. It tore and dented in a few places while cutting, and after spending time puttying the seams to make the strips appear as one long strip...all of the putty cracked. A learning curve, and I know plywood would have worked much better, but I was SO tired of all the sanding. In the future I'd try 1/4" plywood as I know it'd look great like it does on our bedroom ceiling!) 

Then came door trim, window trim, hallway trim (while we were at it), wood puttying, and I DIY'd the closet doors with 1/4" plywood to make them look fancy. 

We started on the floor for the hallway and bedroom on Christmas Eve, 2016! Time off is a wonderful thing and we weren't about to waste it. After the floor came closet shelving planning, installing and whatnot - plywood and pine boards of course! 

Lastly came the floor trim. And yes, I primed and painted ALL of it in our living room without a drop cloth! ;) 


And, BAM. We had an office! 

It lasted quite a few months as our Office. Not this empty of course - I promise in future posts to photograph the rooms FULL of furniture in their prime haha. The desk in the photos stayed right where it is - it was the first piece of moveable furniture I built, and the first thing I ever built with drawers (fewf it was nerve-wracking!). 

When I found out we were pregnant in April, 2o17 I begged Darin to try and get the room in the basement finished so we could turn this room into Nursery. It was spring at that time, and we had a HUGE list of things to get done outside for the year. It was a BUSY summer, but we managed to cross off almost everything on our list plus the Basement Office in late November! 

So here's our little babe's room! 



And here I sit, 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant with this little guy. In all honesty, I am tired of waiting, but I also know that God's timing is perfect. After he arrives our lives will have changed forever, so we're trying our best to soak up the quiet nights & our alone time together.


As always, thanks for reading and keeping up with our journey. 

My next post will most likely be of our little guy, so stay tuned!! 




Our Andover House Project // The Makeshift Kitchen

Well hello and a happy and warm Thursday to YOU! 

37 degrees is the high today. I am in heaven.


Remember how I said we've been taking things easy and enjoying our bedroom? The enjoying our bedroom part is true, but two weeks ago Darin and I decided to open the walkway between our living room and kitchen just to see what we had to work with, which resulted in us breaking ground on our massive Kitchen project. Let me back up by giving you an idea of what our kitchen has looked like for the past 6 months: 

This my friends, is what it looks like to live in a house that you are working on. The images above were taken over the course of a few months, like the top left -- that was the day we moved in. The dehumidifier didn't stay in the sink for more than a day. And the bottom right, that would be my desk, the one I worked at all summer long on weddings. It was a huge adjustment going from a finished house to this, but we had a vision and were totally up for living uncomfortably for what we want. 

Anyways, here is what the kitchen looks like now: 

We ripped out EVERYTHING.

Including the entire subfloor -- if we didn't take that out, we would have spent an entire day pulling staples. Yeah NO. 


It looks so much easier when just showing image progress. Believe me, it was a LOT of cleaning up, hauling stuff out to our burn pile in -25 degree weather, ripping up nails, flooring, you name it. But, we did it!

You might be wondering ... how do you live without a kitchen? 

Makeshift kitchen to the rescue!! We curated our own cooking and eating space to hold us over while the kitchen is being put back together. The bedroom below is where we were sleeping before we finished our bedroom, aren't you in love with the paint color the previous owners chose? Jeesh, they did a terrible job painting! They really loved their purple too. Anyways, we moved everything kitchen related into this bedroom, along with the wall cabinets we tore down, our fridge (which didn't fit through the doorway so we had to remove the doors to get it inside), table and all of our other misc. things. 

All of our office items conveniently fit inside the closet too, so that was really nice. When needed, we use the table as a desk, or sit in bed on our laptops. This is how we are living right now! 

It's not bothering us as much as I thought it would. We use the crockpot, microwave and a griddle for making meals, and we are keeping our dish washing to it's minimum using all plastic and paper plates and utensils. When I do wash the dishes it's in the bathroom sink and sometimes tub -- not super fun, but it works for now. 


As if that's not exciting enough, a week ago Darin and I ventured out to look at appliances, cabinets and countertops. To our surprise we ended up finding EVERYTHING on our list! Our go-to for appliances is and always will be A1 Appliance -- they are AMAZING. We bought our fridge, microwave, stove and cooktop from them with a 1 year warranty on all of it (10% off or free delivery if you tell them you love Jesus!). Then came the dreaded search for cabinets and a countertop ... it ended up being way more fun and less expensive than we thought. We designed and purchased those from Home Depot. Last but not least we picked up flooring for the rest of the upper floor at Lowes. It was an expensive day, but we saved much more than we thought we would. 


That's all I have to share today, but stay tuned for more updates and photo progress :-) I appreciate all of you readers out there!