A New Adventure // Minnesota Photographer, Andover, Minnesota

From the moment we stepped inside, I knew there was something special about it.

Despite the outdated interior, the "as is" offers only, a big ole' foreclosure stamp, including the most terrible smell, an overgrown lawn, countless evident repairs and many other imperfections, we fell for the blue house every single time we saw it. I spent at least an hour or two combined starring at our listing print-out as well as constantly checking Realtor.com for an update on the 4+ bed, 2 bath beauty. We crossed our fingers and prayed as we submitted our best offer on the blue house in Andover. 

I called Darin screaming with the good news after receiving our congratulatory text from our wonderful realtor, Cindy. The bank had accepted our offer! We patiently waited ( more like impatiently waited ) for papers to be signed, and meetings to be arranged . . . and finally, last Friday the closing officer handed us the keys. 

We drove over and spent the first 6 hours tearing out ALL of the stained and stinky carpet, and started ripping into walls. It's been a whirlwind ever since! We bought the house "as is" with an unknown septic, well, and in-ground pool. Yes. I said it, a pool. Remember, I also said foreclosure. Yes, you can imagine the state of said pool ;) 

Anyways. Since last Friday, we have leapt over many hurdles and overcome a ton of obstacles thrown our way from ole' blue. It's crazy how we have taken good smelling, water producing, toilet flushing houses for granted as we have grown up. Darin and I have a new-found appreciation for all of the things we have overcome thus far. The biggest being WATER. Having a hot shower at the end of the day is worth so much to us now! Especially with the incredible humidity wave Minnesota decided to hurl on us this past week. My body broke out in a rash almost every night from being so hot and sweaty after working all day. SO GROSS. 

The two things that kept us from sleeping here night after night was the old smell of the house/moldy basement walls/gross carpet, and the fact that there was no AC. Shortly after moving our things into the garages, we met the neighbor who informed us that the previous owners had rented to tenants with 10 beagles. The smell made a lot more sense to us. We painted an odor sealing primer all over the upper level subfloors and after one night of letting it dry the smell was almost non-existent. We ripped out nearly the entire basement bathroom, most of the utility walls & floor, and a few other not to great looking areas. Then we bought some basement fresheners and now we are happy to report the house is stench free! The same day we painted the floors, we had a guy out to look at the AC ( that literally looks original to the house ). Much to our surprise, he told us that there was ONE broken wire and otherwise all it needed was a recharge THE AIR WORKS! We're chalking that one up to prayer folks. You should see the AC. 

So, we spent our first night here last night.

This is Home. 

We cannot wait to break into our remodeling plans and start revamping the place. Now that we finally have the basic "Darin & Amber" standards up and running, our dreams of renovation are edging closer and closer.  

Until next time  :) 








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