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Brighton Hiro // Crystal, Minnesota


As I exited my vehicle with my camera gear in hand, I smiled when I spotted fire engine red hair and a set of small eyes watching me through the screen door. Radley's little voice squeaked with excitement as I was welcomed into Whitney and Tyler's charming story and a half home. 

Little miss Brighton Hiro was just as sweet as I expected (okay, maybe a liiiiiitle sweeter!). She slept the entire session, even with the noisy reading of a dinosaur book, giggling, being passed from Mom to Dad to big brother Radley... at 9 days old, I'll say she did an amazing job!  

Please read the additional words about this incredible family
below this post. 

So I have to share a little extra about this family... In late April when Whitney was almost 7 months along with little Brighton, doctors found a Wilms tumor in Radley's right kidney. Their sweet little boy was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. Stage 2. Cancer. At 3 years old... that's right, the fire engine red haired boy smiling in all of those pictures above. I can't even to begin to wrap my head around what Tyler and Whitney experienced. 

After their session I asked to be added to Radley's Cancer Update Group on Facebook. I scrolled through the page reading post after post and realized just how much this little family has endured and how positive and faithful Whitney and Tyler have remained. Radley has undergone one of the toughest journeys a person has to go through, and is kicking cancers BUTT. A normal recovery time for the surgery Radley went through (the removal of a LARGE chipotle sized tumor from his kidney) is 7-10 days. Little Rad went home on DAY 5. Through prayers and supportive posts this family has been uplifted and has been SO strong throughout this whole process.

Though I was only able to spend a little time with them I can see that the depth of faith that Whitney and Tyler shares is truly INCREDIBLE, and the strength of their little boy Radley is IMMEASURABLE. The quote hanging in their hallway is SO true:  


"God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is Faith."


Berre Family, it was such an honor to meet all of you.
Hang in there Rad - we're ALL cheering for you!

If you are interested in following Radley's story, or would like to make a donation, please follow the links below:

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Our 4th of July // Minneapolis, Minnesota

Life has been a whirlwind of photos, picking up baby toys, yard-work, detached garage prep (more on that later), dirty diapers, editing, half-caff-coffee (cause lets face it, you can't really do parenting without it) annnnd a whole handful of other miscellaneous things. 

It was nice being able to slow down and spend some time with friends this past Wednesday. I pulled my camera out to catch some of the evening vibes and managed to grab a few shots of Luke's trademark game, "can" (the funnest, yet hardest of yard games), and some of Peter and Mandy's backyard foliage.

We CRINGE passing up time with these people, especially now that Oliver is with us; we want him to get to know his extra aunts and uncles! He was inside snoozing (of course) but had made his way around the crowd earlier on. 

As we drove home with a sleeping babe in tow, Darin and I watched colors burst into existence and slowly fade into the black night sky. A different, but welcomed and worthy 4th. 

I hope you all enjoyed your festivities!! 


Blessings as always,