The Bute Family // Prior Lake, Minnesota

An evening pontoon ride, two curious ducks, a mini fishing session and some sunset beach playtime. Uhhh, yeah. The perfect family date. I was thrilled to be invited along and capture these four as a family. Not to mention receiving multiple bonus hugs from Owen, and big cheesin' smiles from DARLING little Emma. 


Time stands still best

in moments that look

suspiciously like

ordinary life.


David and Sarah have been such a huge support in my photography business since day one. Encouraging clients are truly what help keep small businesses afloat these days, and I have so much gratitude for this family.


Thank you Bute's! I always love spending time with all of you and am looking forward to seeing you again soon! 

David + Sarah, Engaged // St. Paul, Minnesota

Okay so David and Sarah are hilarious. I mean, we laughed almost their entire session. They are MY kind of people; fun, a little quirky, they have awesome hobbies (knitting, playing the guitar, umm, HOME REMODELING), and we all share the same sense of dry humor. I am stoked I am for their October wedding. We definitely need Spring and Summer (seriously, SPRING WHERE ARE YOU). But I know I will enjoy my Fall because of these two. Love you guys!!