Minneapolis Photographer

Our 4th of July // Minneapolis, Minnesota

Life has been a whirlwind of photos, picking up baby toys, yard-work, detached garage prep (more on that later), dirty diapers, editing, half-caff-coffee (cause lets face it, you can't really do parenting without it) annnnd a whole handful of other miscellaneous things. 

It was nice being able to slow down and spend some time with friends this past Wednesday. I pulled my camera out to catch some of the evening vibes and managed to grab a few shots of Luke's trademark game, "can" (the funnest, yet hardest of yard games), and some of Peter and Mandy's backyard foliage.

We CRINGE passing up time with these people, especially now that Oliver is with us; we want him to get to know his extra aunts and uncles! He was inside snoozing (of course) but had made his way around the crowd earlier on. 

As we drove home with a sleeping babe in tow, Darin and I watched colors burst into existence and slowly fade into the black night sky. A different, but welcomed and worthy 4th. 

I hope you all enjoyed your festivities!! 


Blessings as always, 


Chris + Kira, Engaged // Minneapolis, Minnesota

Though we had just met that day, I felt like I could have hung out with Chris and Kira for the entire weekend. I instantly clicked with both of them, and the conversation never stopped flowing. I quickly learned that although they'd never been in front of a camera, they literally couldn't take a bad photo. My culling afterwards? HARD. But it was SOO worth it! 

In addition to just being plain awesome, Chris drives a race-car in his free time, and Kira is into DIY projects and has her own little blog (okay, I basically am in love with this couple). 

So happy to have met you both! You have something truly special 💕

Hair & Makeup: Abby Bonham