The Kvamme Family // Princeton, Minnesota

Mom, Dad and brother Eli are expecting their second baby (any day now) so they wanted to do a little documenting of their lives before the big change. I was so happy to come and spend some time watching how their little family interacts with each other. In the Kvamme household life is happy and full of so much wonder. Simplicity, patience and a radiating Faith runs throughout the walls that surround them. I know their second babe on the way is going to be raised on pure love by these three. 

Mother's Day Lifestyle Session // Cambridge, Minnesota

Hey there, friends. I sure hope you're enjoying the beginning of this beautiful summer -- the gross humidity hasn't hit us too hard yet, woo-hoo! I am particularly loving the weather this morning as I am sporting a sweatshirt while the 60 degree breeze rolls throughout the house. I am a sucker for weather like this!

In other news my husband (Darin) and I have been busy hunting for a new home any chance we get. I will be doing a full blog post on our home renovation including before and after pictures, and our whole backstory on the process. But for now, since the story hasn't unfolded completely, I will keep you waiting ;) 

What I would love to share with you all today are images that are extremely dear to my heart. When Mother's Day was just around the corner I found myself raking my brain of something to get my Mom. It wasn't until she asked me to photograph her that I realized the clouds had parted and she had presented me with her very own personalized Mother's Day gift idea. ( Thanks Ma! ) So, without further a-do . . . 


Please meet my Mom, Rebecca. 

My Mom is a lover, a dreamer, a caretaker, a friend, and an amazing role model.

Before her session I told her to go find a few outfits she felt most comfortable in and to set them aside for me to look at. I wasn't prepared to find her favorite pair of ripped overall jeans on top of the outfits she'd picked. At first I told her "No way! These are supposed to be nice pictures of you Mom!" but after a few minutes of persuasion -- the overalls seemed to make the most sense.

To this day, she has always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of mom who's not afraid to get dirty. In fact, she assumes things will get dirty. You know that terrible feeling you get when you're over at a friends house and you spill you drink on their linen tablecloth? My mom is the type of mom who shrugs her shoulders and says, "Um, that's what a tablecloth is for." and whisks it off the table.

She is very easy come easy go, and has an incredible amount of patience.

She is also a natural beauty that isn't afraid to ROCK her grey hair and embrace her 50s!

On a typical day you will find her in her workshop with her hair pulled back into a braided ponytail, wearing her favorite ripped jeans or overalls. Sanding, painting, nailing . . . working on her latest project for her Boutique she owns in Cambridge, MN.

She's also a great leader, and a woman with a strong faith.

She specifically asked for me to get a picture of her combat boots and some of her rusty treasures.

This session is one I will never, ever forget.

I love you, Mom!


Enjoy the rest of your day -- come back soon and stay awhile.


Cheers, Amber