Senior Girl

Minnesota Photographer // Senior Session, Cambridge, MN

Hi and Happy Thursday Folks! 

There are so many new and exciting things happening in our lives at the moment . . . and I am bursting with happiness! To que you in on a few; Darin and I just returned from a 4 day suuuuper relaxing Boundary Water retreat with the Knox family, yesterday we welcomed home my brother Erik, his wife Hannah and daughter Kara home after living in Florida for 6 YEARS! We also celebrated Father's Day and not 1, but 2 birthdays. And last but not least; we say goodbye to our beloved Margaret house ONE week from today.

I bet I could ramble off a few more exciting things, but those are the subjects currently flooding my mind. After 6 years of missing my brother while only getting bits and pieces of him and his family here and there . . . we can now rest easy that they are actually here and staying in Minnesota! I am SO ready to have my entire family at gatherings instead of always missing a few people. WOOT. It's a good day! 

In other news, in case you may have missed my last sentence in that first paragraph -- yes! We are closing on the sale of our house in St. Paul one week from today. Darin and I can hardly believe it sold as fast as it did ( 4 days is all it took ), but we are up for a new adventure. We haven't found another place yet, BUT we've got our eye on a property or two. We are hoping and praying that things will work out. Otherwise we are trying our best to leave everything up to the Big Man upstairs. He has always taken good care of us. In the meantime we will be moving into one of our rental homes until we find a new home. We are so grateful that we even have the option to move into another place between selling and buying <3  


Anyways, end of life update - you're here to see photos!

 I want to introduce you to this pretty lady. 

Her name is Kalley.

If you didn't assume from the first two images - she totally rocked her Senior Session. 

I met Kalley through her mother, Mary -- the owner of the famous Vintage Pixie in Cambridge, MN. Mary was an ENORMOUS help when Darin and I were married in 2013. She let us borrow 5 truckloads ( yes, 5 ) of antiques/vintage items and helped me bring my dream wedding to life. In return I promised Mary 2 free sessions, one of which she chose for Kalley's Senior photos. 

I completely lucked out shooting around the home Kalley grew up in. We were surrounded by beautiful outbuildings, Mary's shop, tons and tons of one-of-a-kind yard ornaments, a pond, field, an old truck and more.

I knew that things were going to go great after meeting Kalley -- she has the most laid back personality and totally let me take the reigns with posing while following me galloping around the yard. 

Their land was a dream!

During the session I couldn't stop complimenting Kalley on her creamy skin and dark brown eyes. I come from a family with ZERO brown eyes == so I pretty much drool over anyone with them if they are in front of my camera. 

One of my little tricks to get a genuine smile out of my clients is to have them "fake laugh" ( above/left ) while I laugh awkwardly & super loud with them. Immediately after hearing how ridiculous I am being trying to encourage them to laugh . . . BAM, they are really smiling -- then the real deal comes out ( above/right ). 

Another tid-bit of advice I always follow on my shoots is if there are multiple outfits during the session I always have my clients wear their most favorite outfit last. The reason why is because with more than half of sessions my clients have never been professionally photographed by a lifestyle photographer - so naturally they are nervous and don't know what to do with their body ( duh, that's 100% normal! ). When the session starts, without fail the first images are never the best ones ( It sounds harsh, but it's the truth ) I use the first 10 minutes or so to get to know my client from behind my camera, figuring out how they are most comfortable, and what poses to stay away from. As time passes and a higher comfort level is reached then we really start the session. By their last and favorite outfit change, they are completely at ease, used to my photo-directing and get in the flow of being photographed. 

And sometimes, you totally luck out with clients like Kalley whose personality shines strong through the beginning to the end.

And they agree to lay down in flowers! 

Completely loved working with her! 

And lastly, here is a little BTS image I shot from the back of Mary's truck as we drove through the field to get back to the house :) 

Thanks so much for visiting my Blog! Feel free to stick around, read more posts and check out my work if you'd like.


Keep your eye out for my next post!